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At Reciproc8 Telecommunications Limited we offer a standard 90 day warranty period with each of our devices, however we are able to extend this in order to meet your individual requirements (additional charges apply).

After the 90 day warranty period has expired this will not be extended or renewed free of charge, unless an agreement has been made with Reciproc8 Telecommunications Limited in exceptional circumstances.

New devices purchased are sold with the benefit of and subject to the terms set out in any warranty or guarantee given by the manufacturer of the goods. 

The warranty period applies:

  • If the device does not function correctly or is defective and does not fulfil its intended use.
  • If there are missing elements to the device. 

The warranty period does not cover:

  • Defects that have resulted from accidents or rough handling.
  • If the device has been utilised in a manner other than its intended use.
  • The device if it has been exposed to water, dampness or extreme environmental conditions.
  • Defects that have resulted from repairs or alterations carried out by another service provider other than Reciproc8 Telecommunications Limited.
  • General use, cosmetic wear and tear of everyday use.
  • Is not liable under the warranty for any issues encountered with the availability or coverage relating to the SIM card which is used in operation with the mobile device, as this is provided  by a third party.
  • An accidental order. If an order has been made accidently, then Reciproc8 Telecommunications Limited should be informed within 7 days of date of receipt.

Customer reviews

I can highly recommend Reciproc8 for their excellent customer service. Their attention to detail has been second to none - from prompt replies to emails to a next day delivery service. Fantastic.

Anne-Marie Brown

I received the phone thanks, I thought the service was fantastic. I'm definitely going to use you again and have already recommended your company to a family member.

Phil - Clear Accounting Ltd

Thank you very much for the phone which I am thrilled with - all up and running. Will pass on your company details to all admirers of my new phone.

Lucy M